Jornea Armant

Head of Educator Innovation

Flipgrid (Microsoft)

Jornea Armant, Head of Educator Innovation at Flipgrid, is a mother, learner, servant to others, and educator for over 18 years and lives by these three words – Love…Grow…Inspire. Jornea’s previous experiences include being a classroom teacher, reading interventionist, instructional coach, technology coach mentor piloting the Dynamic Learning Project, AL State Department of Education instructional technology specialist, keynote speaker and educational thought leader. With a passion for empowering and supporting others in innovation, Jornea is committed to the continuous quest to transform learning experiences for all. She is a learner for life and is always seeking ways to connect, learn, and grow with fellow educators around the world – connect with her at @savvy_educator.

Jornea Armant

Session Information:

Unlocking Resilience / Desbloquear la resiliencia

The one constant in education is change. For both educators, students and families alike, it takes resilience of a community to build strong individuals to endure the most difficult times of change and come out victorious. Jornea believes resilience lies within everyone, the right keys just need to be accessed to unlock it. The keys are revealed throughout the keynote inspiring educators to look within and be intentional in providing these keys for students and for one another. Ultimately the sustained ability built from the community of learners to utilize available keys appropriately will help to respond, withstand, and recover from any adverse situations presented. Be inspired with the story of Flipgrid and how communities including educators, students, and families are connecting, learning and growing stronger. /
La única constante en la educación es el cambio. Tanto para los educadores como para los estudiantes y las familias, se necesita la resiliencia de una comunidad para construir individuos fuertes que soporten los momentos más difíciles de cambio y salgan victoriosos. Jornea cree que la resiliencia está dentro de cada uno, sólo hay que acceder a las llaves adecuadas para abrirla. Las claves se revelan a lo largo de la ponencia, inspirando a los educadores para que miren dentro de sí mismos y sean intencionados a la hora de proporcionar estas claves a los estudiantes y a los demás. En última instancia, la capacidad sostenida construida a partir de la comunidad de estudiantes para utilizar las llaves disponibles de manera apropiada ayudará a responder, resistir y recuperarse de cualquier situación adversa que se presente. Inspírese con la historia de Flipgrid y de cómo las comunidades, incluyendo educadores, estudiantes y familias, se están conectando, aprendiendo y fortaleciendo.


K-12 Education

October 25

1:45 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.