Billy Cerullo

Family Services Coordinator

Briya Public Charter School

Billy is a Student Services Coordinator at Briya Public Charter School in Washington, DC, a two-generation family literacy program for immigrant families. Billy is a professionally trained community organizer and fundamentally believes in organizing as a vehicle for meaningful family engagement.

Billy Cerullo

Session Information:

Truth to Power: Organizing for Collective Impact / La verdad al poder: Organizar el impacto colectivo

Power is a charged word that conjures different feelings for different people. In this session, we will define power in the context of community organizing and will discuss what it means to map power in our communities. Last, we will discuss tangible actions to build power with our families. /
El poder es una palabra fuerte que evoca diferentes sentimientos para diferentes personas. En esta sesión, definiremos el poder en el contexto de la organización comunitaria y discutiremos lo que significa mapear el poder en nuestras comunidades. Por último, hablaremos de acciones tangibles para construir el poder con nuestras familias.


Family and Community Leadership

Family Service Learning, Collective Impact

October 26

1:45 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.